Martini Throwdown - Martini Festival


MARTINI THROWDOWN sets the stage for bartenders to shine in 2024 on September 21st! Bartenders from over 20+ top local restaurants, bars, and hotels will show off their mixology mastery as they take center stage to compete for the best martini cocktail!

Bartenders get your shakers ready!


Event Schedule
  • Martini Competition 5pm - 9pm
  • Award Ceremony starts at 10pm
  • After Party 10pm - 12am
Date / Time

The Martini Throw Down takes place on September 21, 2024 from 5-12 Midnight. Setup begins at 3PM.


Location: Hall on the Yard
Address: 1412 Alden Rd, Orlando, FL 32803


To join the spotlight: Enthusiastic establishments will need to purchase 3 cases of 1L P1 Vodka at just $79.50 each (6 bottles per case at $13.25/ea)

Each participating venue can feature 2-4 talented bartenders, with 2 dazzling martini entries per establishment for the competition.

Included Supplies

Tables, tents, glassware, ice, P1 Vodka and all the essential ingredients will be generously supplied for the event.

Bartenders will need to bring their own bar tools.

8 VIP tickets are granted to participating establishments valued at $30.00/ea

Martini Competition

Each establishment enters 2 martinis to be judged. We encouraged you to test concoctions at your establishments leading up to the event.

Martinis & establishments will be featured on social media proceeding the martini festival.

Guests are provided 5oz martini glasses to try different martinis and then will decide who wins as they vote on-site throughout the event for their favorite martini.

Awards / Prizes

Bartender Award: 1st Place Team $2,000

Establishment Award: 1st, 2nd & 3rd place awards along with percentage of event revenue (5%, 3%, 2%)