P1 Vodka Sampling Report

The Gold Standard

The P1 Vodka team set out to create a unique and smooth craft vodka to be savored. We designed P1 for the finest spirit connoisseurs. The flagship P1 is a handcrafted small batch vodka unlike any other on the market. Our passion & dedication along the way has accepted nothing less than the gold standard to produce this award winning vodka.

The Purest Ingredients

Our gold standard is forged by using only the purest ingredients. We started by choosing the highest quality maize to create an amazing tasting gluten-free vodka.

Appalachian Mountain water

The rich taste and purity of the pristine water in the backwoods of North Carolina in the Appalachian Mountains made for a perfect match in P1 vodka.

Small Batch Vodka

Our passion continued and after selecting our ingredients we knew we wanted to create a small batch vodka to result in the best possible quality. We achieved this goal by slowing down the process, not overproducing the mash and distilling 6 times over.

Charcoal Mellowed

Through a proprietary charcoal mellowing process, the finalization of our gold standard is achieved.  Thus resulting in one of the smoothest vodkas on the market. Each bottle produced is handcrafted with a hand written batch number and bottle number on the label.

Prosper Infinitely

The name P1 comes from the Indian heritage of Patel Spirits as 1 is commonly added to the amount when gifting monetarily to loved ones wishing them infinite prosperity. "Cheers to you and yours! We wish you enjoy P1 vodka along with us and prosper infinitely!"